UAE Driving Laws and Regulations You Need to Know

UAE is a country that welcomes people from different regions of the world. People of every culture and tradition can be seen here.

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UAE is a country that welcomes people from different regions of the world. People of every culture and tradition can be seen here. It’s a country of tourism and culture and that’s why most of the residents of the United Arab Emirates are foreigners. The UAE government is very alert and attentive about the lives and welfare of its citizens and visitors.


This cosmopolitan country follows very strict and uniform traffic laws and regulations. As it is important for the discipline of the country and leveled traffic conditions. If someone is driving carelessly and not obeying the laws like ignoring signals, over-speeding, or not wearing a seat belt may lead to the cause of road accidents.


For maintenance of discipline and avoiding accidents, UAE has made a set of rules that has to be followed by the drivers. However, not only drivers but all road users should have to obey laws and rules too.


Here are some of the Laws and Regulations that have to be obeyed while driving in the UAE. Also, opt-in for professional car rental Dubai companies to get a car of your choice. 


Driving License


It is compulsory for everyone who drives in UAE to keep their license along with them. If you are a resident of the country, you must have a local license. In the case of visitors or foreigners, you should have your international license or IDP (international driving permit). Driving without a license in UAE will be privileged to the imprisonment of 3 months and/or fine of 5,000 AED.  


Wearing Seat Belt

While driving in the UAE, it is mandatory to wear a seat belt including the people sitting on the rear seats. No doubt the driver and the person sitting on the front seat should also have to wear it. A child safety seat must be in the vehicle for children up to the age of 4 years. Along with it, a person (child) younger than 10 years is not allowed to sit on the front seat. If laws are broken, the driver would have to pay the fine of 400 AED and be slapped with 4 black points.


Speed Limit


Speed above 60% causes critical accidents on the road. Therefore, limiting the speed is necessary to assure a safe journey. However, speed limits are not constant in UAE. Some main roads have a speed limit of 140km/h, some have 120 and some have 100 km/h. While in residential areas you should have a speed limit of 20 to 40 km/h. Those who exceed the limit will be fined 3,000 AED and slapped with 23 black points.


Driving Age


The minimum driving age in UAE is 18 years old. Most car rental companies require you to be over the age of 25 and have some driving experience too. But some companies allow you a rental car at the age of 23 and in that case, you have to pay a young driver’s excess to do so. 


Drive under the Influence


Driving after drinking alcohol or taking drugs is strictly prohibited in the UAE, as it causes a lot of accidents. It may also suspend your license for at least one year. If a person is caught who's drunk and driving a vehicle, imprisonment and/or fine of 2,000 AED (minimum) would be charged. 


Ignoring Traffic Signals or Lights


Your vehicle would be seized for a month if you ignore the traffic signal or light. Meanwhile, motorcycle riders and motorists will be fined 1,000 AED and bikes should also be seized. 




The United Arab Emirates has strict rules for the parking of vehicles. Any negligence in these rules will cause an insanely heavy fine and black points also. If you parked your vehicle in the ambulance parking or illegal parking you will be charged a fine of 1,000 AED, 6 black points, and 500 AED respectively. Moreover, never park your car in a way that causes a blockage to other vehicles. Do not park and leave your car insecure. And the important one is don't dare to park your car in a prohibited area. While on Friday and public holiday parking is free in the UAE.


Usage of Cell phone while Driving


Using cell phones or any other distractions while driving is strictly forbidden in the UAE. It is illegal to do so without a hand-free kit. If the driver is caught with his cell phone, 800 AED and 4 black points would be charged against him.



There are some of the laws and regulations you should have to obey while driving in the United Arab Emirates. Otherwise, violation of laws leads you to the charged fine, imprisonment, or seizing of your vehicle. We recommend you hire a chauffeured vehicle if you are not a pro driver. Head towards the best car rental companies to get the best car rental deals in Dubai.

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